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After the Fire:   Alvaro Llanos and Shawn Simons

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Quotes Shawn and Alvaro have participated in our Campus Safety Week the past several years. We have been so impressed with them, we plan to make "After the Fire" a mandatory part of first year orientation. In addition to a story of hope and inspiration; "After the Fire" provides students and college community members with a tragic yet hopeful message: some crises are in fact preventable. Through vivid personal accounts, the viewer begins to understand the potential consequences of seemingly sophomoric, harmless actions. 'After the Fire' is a highly accessible educational tool that can reach many students in a meaningful, effective way. Quotes
Gretchen Perry,
Dean of Campus Life, Bard College

Quotes Powerful! The "After the Fire" documentary is an unforgettable and inspiring message. Our students were engaged beyond belief. Many purchased the book because the power of the message . Alvaro and Shawn?s interaction with our students was a life changing experience. Alvaro and Shawn are very down to earth individuals with a mission that will greatly impact this generation. It would be a disservice if I did not encourage you to have this tour come to your area. We were able to connect with other institutions in our state to share in this experience. "After the Fire" will bring light to the effects of poor decision making and the impact of perseverance. I recommend this experience to all residence life departments, health care workers, local fire departments, spiritual leaders, faculty, student life, high school students, as a freshman program requirement, and any one that needs hope. Quotes
Rochelle Smith, Assistant Director Housing and Residence Life
Jacksonville State University

Quotes Shawn and Alvaro have a powerful, and important, story to tell. It's difficult to do a "safety" program in a way that truly engages students, but I know our students were on the edge of their seats the whole evening. The documentary chronicles their story in a very real and meaningful way. Our students walked away with a better understanding of the reality of fires. Many students asked questions during the program and then stayed afterwards to speak with Shawn and Alvaro. It is clear that our students were impacted by this program. In addition, Shawn and Alvaro were very easy to book. They made the entire process simple and low key. I appreciate their humility. We were especially impressed when they joined our staff for lunch after the program. It was fun to have them in our office. They are friendly, personable, and kind. I highly recommend this program! Quotes
Mitch Isaacs
Associate Director of Student Life, Ball State University

Quotes Shawn and Alvaro graciously donated their time to our Health and Wellness fair where they interacted with over 200 students, sharing their experiences and insight. They were approachable, and the students responded immediately. Shawn and Alvaro also participated in 2 mini assemblies where they modified their personal presentation to meet our tight schedule in needs. The message about personal and public safety, considering rules and individual actions, and overcoming odds was clear and focused. A pin drop could be heard in that auditorium. Students who participated took the message personally as many will be moving on to college in the fall. They indicated to me that Shawn and Alvaro?s personal story "opened their eyes," and some went further to indicate that they will "think twice before neglecting simple rules that are in place for the well-being of others." I feel the message is one that any teenager should hear. Quotes
Mike Goffredo
Teacher at Sterling High School, Somerdale, NJ

Quotes You may be surprised to read that After the Fire is about you. Yes, After the Fire touches on many of the lives affected by the Seton Hall dormitory fire. That's true. And yes, it focuses primarily on Shawn Simons and Alvaro Llanos as they experience the horror of that night and recover through the many adversities it left in its wake for them. Al and Shawn though, leave their families to come to your lecture hall, classroom or group and use the story to talk with you, about you. These men face challenges which came into their lives because of the foolish, impulsive act of others. Shawn and Al were doing everything right. They remembered the sacrifices their loved ones made so they could be at Seton Hall, and they took their academic career seriously. Suddenly, in the dark of a cold January night, through no fault of theirs, a horrific fire consumed the lives they had known. Quotes
Andrew Timms
Member of C.I.R.P.P.

Quotes Even after this, even after the comas to relieve them of the indescribable pain, the multiple surgeries, the endless physical therapy during which every movement was a reminder of what they had lost, Al and Shawn remember that what happened to them has happened to you in some smaller or lesser way. They foresee that it may not have happened yet and while they wish you well, they want you to be prepared. Shawn and Al come to talk to you about how you may cope, how you may heal when you are wounded. They speak of what you may do to avoid what beset them. Al and Shawn come to your community to let you and your audience know that healing is possible, even when it seems impossible. And they share their message in a way you will remember. When overwhelming circumstances befall you, you'll be stronger because you have heard from two men who stand before you to say, "If we can overcome this, you can make it through your own trial by fire." Quotes
Andrew Timms (continuation)
Member of C.I.R.P.P

Quotes Shawn and Alvaro have visited Saginaw Valley State University the past two years. They bring a powerful, inspirational, and courageous story. Our students the past two years were highly engaged in the presentation with thought provoking questions and sharing similar stories of their own. The presentation brought out the best in our students - compassion, understanding, and empathy - complimented with a sense of helping my fellow student when needed. Shawn and Alvaro are two 'down to earth' guys that are well respected by Saginaw Valley State University. Quotes
Greg Behe, Associate Director Residential Life
Saginaw Valley State University

Quotes George Mason University brought Shawn and Alvaro to campus to present to students on the importance of fire safety in residence halls. This was done in conjunction with South Lake High School in Reston, Virginia as part of their Distributive Educational Clubs of America (DECA) project titled "Contain the Flame." Shawn and Alvaro's story is powerful and engaging for participants. Shawn and Alvaro present in a way that makes fire safety discussion realistic and educational. Since their program, I have had several students who attended say how impactful this program was for them and share Shawn and Alvaro's message with their peers. Sharing Shawn and Alvaro's message from peer to peer is the best form of congratulations and job well done any presenter can hope for. Quotes
Zachary Pope, Assistant Director,
UL Safety and Emergency Management, George Mason University

Quotes Two of the most influential people I have ever met in my life. Shawn Simons and Alvaro Llanos allowed me to sit back and really reflect on my life. When these two shared their story the passion, love, and fighter in both of them filled the entire room and left everyone in a state of gratitude. I am forever grateful to have been able to not only have met them but also hear their story, and how they have overcome adversity. Quotes
Brandi Bennett
Respiratory Therapy Major, Ball State University

Quotes This story is of survival, perseverance, inspiration, hope, courage and friendship. Coupled with the personal appearances from Alvaro and Shawn, the audience at our Campus Fire Forum was left speechless. This is a truly powerful way for a life safety educator to reach anyone - especially students. The Center for Campus Fire Safety highly recommends Alvaro and Shawn as motivational speakers, and the Movie is a must have for any fire safety educator. Quotes
Michael J. Swain, VP of The Center of Campus Fire Safety
Campus Fire Prevention Officer at the University of Massachusett
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