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After the Fire:   Alvaro Llanos and Shawn Simons

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Quotes The Center was pleased to have both Alvaro and Shawn as Keynote speakers during our Campus Fire Forum 2012 in San Antonio, and we hope to have them again in 2013 for our Saint Louis Campus Fire Safety Forum. It's good to see so many universities and towns helping to spread this message. Quotes
Janet Maupin, Treasurer of The Center for Campus Fire Safety
Deputy Fire Marshal for the Champaign, Illinois, Fire Department

Quotes Amazingly inspiring! This presentation showed me what true perseverance and positive attitude can do for recovering from such a tragedy. Because of this presentation, I value my friends and family even more and offer my support more frequently. As a resident assistant, I hope to explain to residents of Rowan University the importance of fire safety and respect for public property. Overall this presentation, made me want to be a better person with loving compassion. Quotes
Peter Schwalbenberg
RA @ Rowan University

Quotes The "After the Fire" documentary was really an eye opener for me. This is my first time hearing about the Seton Hall Fire, and how much of an impact it has left on the campus. The documentary was very emotional and hard to watch due to the damages and pain the fire caused. I use to think a fire would never happen to me, but this made me realize it could happen to anyone. It has made me more caution and aware of my family, friends and residents. Also, leading me to share the story with my residents and how important it is to "EXIT THE BUILDING" during a fire drill. My favorite part throughout the documentary was how much everyone supported Shawn and Alvaro through thick and thin. The bonds that were built among the nurses, doctors, and Shawn and Alvaro mother's as well. I commend Shawn and Alvaro for bring awareness to students about the Seton Hall Fire, and would recommend everyone to watch the documentary and read the book as well. Thank You Shawn and Alvaro, Quotes
Katrina McCullough
RA @ Rowan University

Quotes Keep up the mission to educate not only students, but faculty and staff for the next generation to learn and embrace health and safety! Quotes
Nicholas Koridis,
Code Enforcement/Special Projects at Stony Brook University

Quotes "After the Fire" is a compelling and heartwarming documentary that proves hope can spring from the depth of tragedy. Shawn Simons and Alvaro Llanos are a true testament to the strength of the human spirit. Not only did they teach our students about the importance of fire safety, they also taught them the value of lasting friendship. Quotes
Dr. Tammi Dahle
Dean of Students University of Montevallo

Quotes During the "After the Fire" documentary and presentation, the audience was captivated by Shawn and Alvaro's testimony. They opened their hearts through their powerful message of triumph over tragedy, while demonstrating courage and resilience. Yes, fire safety and preparedness is an integral part of the presentation; however, their inspirational message transcends typical "how-to" dialogue and undoubtedly touches the hearts of everyone who hears it. "After the Fire" attendees not only walked away with a better understanding of the importance of fire safety education, but also more significantly, a renewed sense of how the human spirit can overcome life's most difficult struggles. Quotes
Sally Dollar
Assistant Director of HRL at University of Montevallo

Quotes I enjoyed the "After the Fire" program because it was great to hear a life testimony from someone who has survived a fire. It made me think twice about fire safety and was an inspirational story to hear about. Quotes
Jill Sharp
student at University of Montevallo

Quotes The "After the Fire" documentary is both educational and powerful. The presentation led by Shawn and Alvaro is informative, but even more inspiring. Watching the documentary about this tragic fire at Seton Hall University and then to see these two courageous men take the stage was simply moving. I would strongly encourage all colleges to show the "After the Fire" documentary, but also to allow Shawn and Alvaro to share their very important story and powerful message. Quotes
John Denson
Director of Housing and Residence Life, University of Montevallo

Quotes This film has more power and impact than any fire safety lecture could ever deliver. When I presented the film to over 700 students here at Oregon State University you could hear a pin drop in the auditorium. They were captivated from beginning to end. A must see for every college resident of your campus and community. Quotes
Jim Patton
Fire Prevention Officer, Corvallis Oregon Fire Department/Oregon

Quotes This movie should be shown to all SHU students. It really opened my eyes. I learned how strength is found in the most desperate situations, and how bonds of family and friendship can help in the worst situations. I think they should show it again on campus. Quotes
T.H., student Seton Hall University, NJ