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After the Fire:   Alvaro Llanos and Shawn Simons

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Quotes Your presentation, and story had such an impact on me, and how I will handle my career going forward, that I showed your movie to all my probationary Firefighters at my Sunday morning training at my Fire Department. I want others in my profession to know what happens after the work is done, what goes on after we pack up and leave from a fire, I thank you so much for sharing all that you did with me and our Campus. Quotes
Jeremy D. Giammatteo
Fire Marshal, Farmingdale State College

Quotes I was touched very much so, by both you and Al and the horrible tragedy that happened on that cold January 19th night back in 2000. I certainly encourage people to purchase the DVD, so we could continue to educate as many students as possible about the dangers that â?? After the Fire â?? exposes. I hope we are able to invite you back Shawn. As I said the other night, both you and Al are two incredibly courageous young men. Your story has both touched millions of people and changed the laws of Fire Safety for millions more. Please let me say Shawn that many people walk into our lives, certainly not everybody leaves a footprint on your heart. Both you and Al did. I will always remember our meeting and the circumstances that brought us together. If I am unlucky, and we never meet again, I wish you and Al the best that Life has to offer. You have earned it and I hope you donâ??t forget us. God Bless! Quotes
John O'Brien
Director of Security at Le Moyne College

Quotes I was present when you came to give the presentation at Ramapo College. I enjoyed it so much because I believe one can learn so much from it. Not only about fire safety but also about life itself. You guys went through so much and it proves that everyone should not take life for granted. I wish all freshman entering college can watch the documentary just to understand how serious fire alarms and safety can be. The presentation was very helpful because it allowed people to understand that real things like this really do happen and it doesn't just happen in movies. I enjoyed it so much that I bought the book so I can read it and I finished the book in 2 days. LOL! The book is very, very inspirational. I'm glad you guys overcame the difficulties. Quotes
Tahmina Ahmed
RA at Ramapo College

Quotes Fires are a real danger; they really can and do happen. They can happen to anyone. When safety is tossed aside, everyone becomes at risk, and sad, unfair losses are suffered. Keeping this firmly in mind, we all need to commit to being careful - never, ever risking safety in a joke or prank, and do our best to protect the futures of everyone at our university. Quotes
Sarah Kisly
Student at Millikin University

Quotes Thank you so much for your inspiring presentation! Everyone is still talking about it, in fact, I have had people ask me to borrow the video. Personally, I wanted to thank you for your courage, perseverance and inspiration!Please know that you have left an impact on Molloy College! Quotes
Bill Hempstead
Fire Safety Officer at Molloy College
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